Essential Nutrients

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Superior women's formulation of absorbable vitamins and minerals


60 Day Money-Back Guarantee (always)

Essential Nutrients is doctor-formulated to meet the needs of a woman’s body. With 30 nutrients in their most bioavailable forms, it supports your body despite your stressful life and occasional dietary shortcomings.

Unlike the nutrients in ordinary supplements, special care has been taken by our development team to find the best forms of each nutrient and the dosage for optimal effect.

As with all our products, Essential Nutrients is made in an FDA-inspected facility to the highest GmP standards, batch-tested to ensure purity and potency, free of dyes and artificial ingredients, and backed by our unconditional guarantee.

“I have been taking Essential Nutrients for a couple of months now and have found that I have much more energy, am much more aware (I felt like I lived in a fog) and just feel really great, which is something that I had not felt in a long time. Excellent product.”


What’s in Essential Nutrients?

In theory, we should get our nutrition from food. But today, there’s no guarantee that our meals provide the nutrition we need. And stressful lives only increase the nutrition our bodies require. That’s why our Essential Nutrients includes optimized dosages of 30 key nutrients we must have to thrive.

Our formula includes:

  • Folate as Quatrefolic®, a patented natural form of 5-MTHF, folate’s most usable and active form (research indicates over 40% of women can’t utilize ordinary folate)
  • Minerals and trace elements in their safest and most bioavailable forms
  • Citrate versions for minerals to enhance absorbability
  • Advanced nutrients like inositol, or vitamin B8, choline, and citrus bioflavonoids

Why is Essential Nutrients better than other multivitamins?

Essential Nutrients is a high-end woman’s multi — plain and simple. The nutrients in this formula have been carefully selected to be bioavailable and absorbable by women’s bodies to help provide the full benefit of each ingredient.

Our nutrients are co-factor-enhanced to mirror the effects of eating a whole-food diet. Our broad-spectrum calcium and magnesium blends, along with our vitamins C and K, optimize calcium utilization in a woman’s body. This balanced mineral-mix specifically supports women’s bone health and cardiac function.

We add the right kind of copper because it helps create the conditions for your body to absorb essential zinc. We choose our folate to assist the absorption of our vitamin B12. Including these “companion” ingredients helps the body better use each nutrient for nutrition and wellness support — the top reasons for taking a multivitamin in the first place.

“All women starting to deal with hormonal issues should be on a multivitamin. You will find this product safe, natural — and no aftertaste. I have never been disappointed. Thank you for being available for us and to us.”


Our Essential Nutrients is:

  • Highest-quality foundational nutrition to support your body’s endocrine network, immune system, and other vital functions
  • Produced without preservatives, sugar, artificial flavoring, dyes or coloring
  • Custom-formulated and manufactured to our specifications in a facility validated by NSF International to meet or exceed the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Processes

Essential Nutrients — the natural way to start every day

Start your day with Essential Nutrients for a natural nutrition boost. Your body simply cannot make all the nutrients it needs to keep you strong, active and well. The right dosages of key micronutrients are essential co-factors in your healthy metabolic function, stable hormone balance and overall wellness.

With 30 vital ingredients, our formula offers robust support to compensate for the stresses of your busy life and occasional dietary shortcomings. It will send you out the door every morning with the confidence and peace of mind to be at your best every day.

When you choose Essentials Nutrients, you’re prioritizing your own wellness. Taking care of yourself nutritionally will make all the difference for your wellbeing and peace of mind now, and in the future.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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4.7 / 5 177 reviews
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