pH Paper

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Easy-to-use test strips for monitoring pH balance & progress


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This handy and complete little kit is all you need to test your pH levels everyday to see how your diet and lifestyle (including exercise, sleep, stress, toxin exposure) are affecting your body and bone health. Many experts say that the standard American diet and lifestyle are highly acidifying, a condition that changes the pH balance of your blood and tissues. To neutralize excess acid, your body depends on your bones and draws out their stored mineral compounds. But that’s very hard on your bones. If you are “too acidic” a lot of the time, your bones are constantly being tapped for alkalizing minerals. That leads to bone loss and, ultimately, to osteoporosis.

How will the pH Test Kit help you?

  • Gives you a simple, easy way to test pH using first-morning urine or saliva at home.
  • Let’s you track your pH balance daily to determine an average pH balance.
  • Comes complete with color-coded chart to determine your actual pH reading in 0.2 unit increments.
  • Offers visual proof of how the food you eat and the way you live change your pH balance.
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4.5 / 5 7 reviews
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