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Breast health is a front-and-center wellness issue for women, and it should be. Paying attention to the factors that affect breast health early on can make a big difference as you go forward. Our Breast Health Combo combines the research-based power of two of the most important supplements available for supporting breast health. Our DIM Enhanced formula assists the healthy estrogen detoxification process and provides underlying immune system support. Our Vitamin D as cholecalciferol, or D3, is an essential nutrient proven to increase healthy immune function. Both breast tissues and immune cells have vitamin D receptors.

What you get with the Combo:

DIM Enhanced — this unique supplement helps provide healthy estrogen detoxification, hormone balance and immune support. Our DIM Enhanced contains a special, microencapsulated form of diindolylmethane that enhances its absorption and proper assimilation by the body.

Vitamin D3 — delivered in the most natural and absorbable form available, our Vitamin D3 makes it easy to optimize levels of this necessary and essential vitamin.

Our DIM Enhanced contains:

DIM (diindolylmethane):

  • Participates in stimulating important natural detoxification enzymes and supporting normal hormone metabolism. This includes favoring the production of the “good” estrogen metabolite known as 2-hydroxysterone (2-OHE1) instead of the more harmful 16-hydroxysterone (16-OH)
  • Our formulation specifically allows for greater absorption, ensuring more can be used by the body

Meriva® curcumin:

  • Highly-bioavailable form of curcumin — up to 20 times the absorption of standard turmeric extracts
  • Able to function as an efficient antioxidant
  • Can help regulate the body’s normal response to the inflammatory process

Green tea:

  • Contains phytochemicals that act as antioxidants and support immune function as well as liver detoxification
  • Supports healthy cell growth and division, shown in scientific studies

Wasabia japonic:

  • Thought to be 10-25 times more potent in the detoxification process than other cruciferous vegetables due to its long chain isothiocyanates (ITCs)

Our Vitamin D3:

  • Increases healthy immune function — immune cells have vitamin D receptors, along with tissues in the breast, brain and colon
  • Helps ensure more complete absorption and metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, and other key nutrients
  • Promotes proper cell growth through vitamin D’s control of more than 200 genes, both directly and indirectly
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